Quotes by Zzenn

Once the wounded child awakens to its human self, a primal scream emerges from the depths of denial like the Kraken released from its underwater prison.

It is my belief that when a child has been robbed of their visionary rights that they gravitate toward religion and spirituality in an effort to regain their subjective autonomy.

I believe religious indoctrination is child abuse.

The inner imaginary universe of the human primate is the battlefield of the ages.

Let me make this radiantly clear — if you believe in spirits and the metaphysical world, your biology will create the illusion that these things are real.

The importance of awakening to our evolutionary origins is paramount because irrational ideas about “who we are” fuel our sense of separateness.

God made me an Atheist.

I believe emotional suppression fueled by a shamed imagination lies at the root of society’s ailments. It is the believing leaders of religion that keep the “denial circus” going decade after decade. We have, for too long, supported this tyranny of delusion. We have given the guru and the preacher the stage one too many times. It is time to wake up and replace the preacher with the human teacher-a human who is the intelligence of their whole organism.

The sense of a soul and afterlife is an intuitive illusion.

Karma and Hell are the cowards revenge.

When we begin to take responsibility for our bio-dimensional inner nature, we begin to see and understand both the angel and the devil within us and their endless tendencies and qualities. From sexual capacity to artistic and intellectual potential, from sadism to masochism, from gentleness and tenderness to roughness and brutality, from heart to heartlessness, selflessness to selfishness and kindness to hatred, only then, do we begin to manifest our human fullness. It is at that point that we are capable of becoming something more — as in metamorphosis — something born from the opposites.

Our species is angry on a deep level. We know something has been wrong for a long time. We are tired of being thrown the scraps. This is primal, guttural, the scream of an exhausted humanity who will not take no for an answer.

One of the dangers of the spiritual story is that it disassociates humans from reality. Relieving world hunger, crime and suffering are replaced with fantasies of other worlds, dimensions, gods or forces that will magically take care of humanities plight. I once asked a metaphysical friend of mine what she thought of rape. She replied, “People choose these experiences before birth to learn human lessons of rape.” I asked her about world hunger, sex trafficking, genocide, and torture, and she replied with the same logic. At that moment, I realized the dangerous implications of esoteric ideology in our world.

The funny thing about the word “delusion” is that it means just that-delusion. When you have it, you don’t know it, and that can be a problem.

May all beings be free of pretended happiness.

May all beings find their deepest lie.

May all beings see the nature of their inner turmoil.

May all beings realize what they are not.

And through this, may all beings become who they already are.

It is my belief that when a child has been robbed of their visionary rights that they gravitate toward religion and spirituality in an effort to regain their subjective autonomy.

Separating one’s “self” physically from the world (as an unseen entity) alienates the human being from the facts of a sensual world and its realities. In order to have a self, you must provide a story for that self. Whether it is the tale of past pain or future fears the etheric self requires a story because it is hitchhiking on the natural.

Let me make this radiantly clear-if you believe in spirits and the metaphysical world, your biology will create the illusion that these things are real.

I suppose the spiritual trance is harder to break than the religious one because the delusion is more difficult to distinguish. You have a quasi-cloud of ideas that include wonderful concepts of openness and altruism without the blatant anthropomorphism of religion.

I do not see the value of separating humans into a body, soul and spirit. We don’t do this with any other mammals, so why do we do it with ourselves? Thinking and fresh ideas arise naturally from the rhythm of one’s internal felt-sense. It is the process artists demonstrate to humanity-to express our individuality in real-time, as a living process, rather than a “copied” idea.

It is suspected, by some, that spiritual beings are extremely jealous of the natural world because they are nothing more than a figment of the imagination. This might explain their compulsive and obsessive behavior in trying to convince others they are real, and that the natural world is an illusion. The end of the world scenarios they conjure up reveal their Napoleon whit and superiority complex.

Our unfathomable evolutionary past paints a picture vastly more immense than any spiritual story could ever create because it is raw and real, violent, dirty and beautiful-and because of that-it’s spectacular!

We do not have bodies-we are bodies! What could possibly be wrong with that form of consciousness? It is all energy anyways.

Our religious systems have taught us to “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) I couldn’t disagree more. How about, “feed a child what it needs, so when it gets grows up, it will “be” its own unique unpredictably creative self.

An unSpiritual person is:

“A Human Current of Energy in an Ocean of Air”

You are not a spiritual being in a monkey body you are a human primate pretending to be a spiritual being controlling itself.

Magical obsession is the experience of radical curiosity and wonderment much like the consciousness of a child at Disneyland. It’s a state of awareness that presents abnormal, spontaneous opportunities, effortlessly. It is the experience of your wish being the universes desire.

“As a seeker, I delved deep into good and evil. I trampled into the dark forest with the looming threat that I might lose my soul. I found that no matter what I did, the sun still shined and the rain still trickled upon my face without judgement. And then I smiled, and knew, that all these fears were merely shadows.”

I woke up

We all once lived in the land of giants — literally!

We call them parents.

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