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If you are looking for support on your spiritual path, schedule a conversation with Zzenn over Skype to discuss what’s on your mind. Zzenn’s feedback comes from over 35 years of real-life experience on the spiritual path.

Zzenn has conversed with people around the world from Germany to Iran, Australia to Europe, Africa, Thailand and more. You can ask him questions specifically about your personal journey and access the knowledge that brought him to his personal awakening.

Click on contact to request a conversation with Zzenn and include the subject matter you want to discuss. A donation of $60 for a 1 hour conversation is processed through the Donate page. If the conversation goes beyond an hour, the balance of time is agreed to be donated afterwards. Zzenn is liberal with the conversation timeframe.

Zzenn does not take on clients like a psychologist, his service is to assist spiritual seekers in becoming self-reliant on their spiritual path. Zzenn is not a guru and will not allow any form of dependency on his assistance. The goal of his help is to teach the seeker how to become self-reliant through listening to their body and learning a few key skills.

Zzenn does not treat or diagnose mental health issues. Zzenn does not offer medical advice or replace a licensed therapist. Please contact a licensed psychologist for mental health issues and long-term therapy.


Zzenn actively listened to me and provided insightful feedback pertaining to my life story and spiritual path.  I had a couple of neuroses that I had picked up from my time following Leo Gura, and his understanding and life experience helped me to ‘kill the Buddha’ and let them go.  He validated the childhood trauma that I endured in a way that was deeply healing.  Through my skype call with him I was able to redefine my spiritual journey in a way that makes sense to me. 

He practiced The Focusing Method with me and I now possess  increased clarity on how to better implement it in my daily life.  I also discovered ways in which to relate to my internal dialogue that will help me to tap into my inner strength and fire.  I highly recommend anyone who might have some questions about their path to have a conversation with Zzenn.

— Jon Barclay

Zzenn’s advanced level and skills show in his attention to and familiarization with important details within the biospiritual path. I considered myself an advanced student of meditation and inner work, yet there were a few elements that my level of experience were not attuned to. Zzenn brought those important details to light, and the puzzle finally clicked for me. That’s what I needed to push me in the right direction and receive the keys to fully unlock the doors.

— Jacob Simon

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