Zzenn’s treatise is a battering ram at the doors of illusion, repression, subjugation & subservience to the religious conspirators, religious mega-corporations and religious power-seekers of our time.

— Robert Mark Ph. D.

unSpirituality: Permission to be Human

2nd Edition Published: April 13, 2020

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Permission to be Human is an anecdote to spiritual delusion. With ferocious tenor, Zzenn breaks down the construct that holds religious and spiritual memes together. He explains the root of hereditary religion and exposes the core of dualistic programming. The connection between New Age belief systems and Christianity reveal an inherent poison that infects human animals. This is a dangerous book for faith-based believers and liberating for seekers yearning for their native freedom.

unSpirituality introduces a new philosophy based on a natural perspective clearing away centuries of delusion. The spiritual story was once an answer to the anxieties of the natural world but now has become an ideological cage.

This book is a reminder of who we are in the natural world, a bold and provocative case against New Age spiritual ideology, and an invitation to be proud to be human. unSpirituality is a bold treatise that redefines spirituality naturally, exposing the dualistic metaphysical story. It points to childhood suppression and indoctrination as the source of religious and spiritual seeking and delusion. All forms of metaphysics is explained from a natural perspective and shown to be manifested from the natural world. All spiritual experiences are valid but not always defined correctly. From this perspective, nothing is taken away, rather, the true source of spirituality is revealed.

Zzenn asserts that spiritual ideologies become the arena for the retrieval of a shamed imagination. Many New Age ideas are challenged such as: reincarnation, the afterlife, creating your reality and psychic powers. These beliefs/experiences are weighed against topics such as naturalism, evolution, critical thinking, humanism, psychology, science, childhood trauma, the effects of child rearing, poisonous pedagogy and natural spirituality. Author inspirations are Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Victor Stenger, Alice Miller, Ramesh Balsekar, Joseph Campbell and more.

First 3 Chapters:

Defining Spirituality
The Never-Ending Story

Reviews for “Permission to be Human”

Note that the reviews address Zzenn by the name his book was published under in 2013.

No more excuses from so-called mystical experts, no more lies. I am fed up and have been for a while. I cannot tell you how much this book is needed. This book is a breath of fresh air, one I am truly grateful for. It is well thought-out, well-written, and funny. I stayed up way past my bedtime because I couldn’t put it down.

— Michelle

That missing link we were waiting for! Wonderful! It made me cry! But not because of a nostalgic feeling of lost mysticism but more because of a new sense of freedom. As if a heavy weight would be lifted and a marvelous landscape of natural wonders was waiting, already there, ready to be discovered. I think this book is the missing link between Science and Spirituality. It is the long awaited reunion of Nature and our Subjective, as the coming back together of two twin siblings separated at birth. It is also a pleasure to read somebody’s visions so clearly, without presumptions or any kind of obligation from our part to take sides, agree or disagree. I highly recommend this book. The discoveries offered by Christopher Loren, based on evidence and a deep understanding of the human inner world, are unique and priceless. An opportunity to grow, not to be missed!

— Paloma Nogues

Life Changing! “Permission To Be Human” is a must read for anyone who has traveled or is curious about the who am I and where did I come from journey. The information in this book opens so many doors into the human psyche. Christopher Loren writes from experience and the heart. A book I could not put down. Looking forward to the next one!

— Mary Schmetic

Must Read for all religious and spiritual people! This book is what I have been looking for years. Growing up in Christian family I couldn’t fully separate my own thoughts about life from the once programmed on me by religion. As I grew older I have realized I could no longer hold to these implanted beliefs. Trying to fulfill the gap I got fascinated with spirituality and new age and again the more I knew the more I felt trapped and uncomfortable. It came to a point that I had to erase all of my beliefs and question everything I have learned in my whole life. Christopher Loren’s book helped me to answer a lot of questions about my psyche and our human nature especially how foolish of us to always search for invisible as we are convinced we are not wholesome without this missing link. His discoveries and insights are deep analysis of humanity in light of historical and scientific aspects. I am truly amazed by his perspectives and ability to illustrate his personal journey to freedom.

— Pola

Read this and think about your own life experiences compared with the values in your own heart. Provoking book, and glad to read about this man’s experiences, because they parallel my own. There is much more to this conversation, however. I would add CATASTROPHISM to the subject, the works of Velikovsky, etc., and more historical information about WHO created the religions we tend to follow and FOR WHAT PURPOSES. Leaving churches and newagery behind is not just a personal choice, it is a personal response to false history and false education, which are the real problems, IMO.

— Kathairein Magdalena

Natural Philosopher. Delve into the realm of un-spirituality with this engaging, thoughtful, and entertainingly-written book. Christopher Loren distinguishes between religion and spirituality, and argues against superstition of any kind and in favor of a nature-based understanding of the human condition. In his metaphysical quest for meaning, he doesn’t settle for claims about invisible worlds and powers that govern our lives. (He notes that the invisible and the non-existent look exactly the same.) He wants to be honest about what we know subjectively vs. what we can prove to be true.

He dissects spiritualism and looks for evolutionary origins for our ideas about God and the afterlife. Its essence is captured in our myths. Those myths stray into New Age ideas like “quantum consciousness” and other woozy propositions that try to sound scientific but are in fact subjective beliefs. For Loren, reality is found in nature and a rational understanding of it. He finds much more grandeur in evolution’s story of life’s origins than that in any religious myth. Nature is a wonder and we are a wonderful part of it. Let’s get real, think clearly, and enjoy it!

— Thomas R. Quinn

An excellent disquisition about metaphysical absurdities. When it comes to acknowledging the subject of irrational assertions posed through new-age/spiritual woo-woo, Christopher Loren lights the way into a murky underbelly with open awareness and certainty that helps the reader take back what it means to be human. His personal experiences guide the reader into the process of debunking metaphysical jargon, packed with great examples about deconstructing the supernatural and how subjective hijacking is responsible for metaphysical claims build on emotional desires throughout mystical teachings–which spring into present day, run-of-the-mill cults that disillusion impressionable minds at the prime of their emotional lives. Are you interested in learning about humanity, growth, awareness, and standing up for the truth? If so, this book is for you.

— Zigmond Yezik

I decided to share about Christopher Loren on my website as I feel that his new book is very much on par with our EOF Project. In fact, it’s pretty rare that you come across someone like Christopher and his brilliant way of sharing his message. It just felt so complimentary that I knew I wanted to join forces with this guy. He and I both had a religious upbringing and after getting into and getting out of spirituality, well, I could really relate to him and his journey. Christopher just “gets it” and sees the bigger picture.

He brings an approach to his work which adds an interesting layer of fresh perspective in educating masses out there. We at EOF (End of Fear) are very excited to partner with Christopher on future endeavors. I hope you find Christopher and his content as interesting and helpful as I do.

I read his whole book in one sitting, I could not put it down. I made tons of notes to him as I read it. Afterwards, I felt compelled to write a testimonial about his message.

Christopher Loren is a pioneer paving the way for future generations to think for themselves by helping them understand and remove the obstruction of beliefs, be it religious or spiritual, that are in way. These obstructive beliefs have stagnated the human psyche and our own collective evolution.

In his book, cleverly and profoundly titled, “unSpirituality- Permission to be Human” he goes into the archeology of our psyche exploring and exposing the dangers of thinking and living with such beliefs. He often mentions that promoting such beliefs should be considered child abuse, and, when you read his evidence, it is easy to see where this is all heading if we continue in this way as a species.

As a former spiritual speaker, I know, firsthand, the dangers of promoting such thinking, and it takes a lot of courage to stand up to all the opposition to point this out in such an elegant and clear way as Christopher does. To think and find out, for ourselves, is to be responsible and psychologically free.

Finally, we can stop being in a state of anti-life and excel our evolution and co-create with all of nature. It is refreshing to hear him share that we are “nature itself” and that is something to embrace—there is nothing more beautiful and wonderful then that. I look forward to working and spreading the complimentary message with him in future endeavors.

Thank you Christopher for giving this gift to not just the world, and all nature as well.

— Jessica Schab

This is more than just a book – it is a whole new philosophy. Finally, a book that connects! I began reading Christopher Loren’s “unSpirituality” a few days ago. Once I started it, I could not put it down. The author fearlessly takes you on an intimate journey through his past and into his current state of humanness. I identified with Christopher’s personal story, as it was similar to my own. I’m certain it is similar to most people’s experiences as well. This author took the courageous step by putting it out there for the world to see, and I am honored that he did.

The deeper I got into the book the more I felt that this was more than just a good read – it is a whole new way of living. The author found a way, in my opinion, to open the reader’s heart and mind, and allow true healing to begin.

Everything that I knew to be true within myself was poetically described on the pages of “unSpirituality.”What I took away from this book was simply this: It gave me the permission to be unapologetically me; to trust the instincts I had suppressed for decades, and allow them to finally surface; and allow myself to live my authentic life. What a relief!

This is an extraordinary, liberating book. Christopher Loren has stumbled upon a new philosophy of living, one of the great pioneers of our time. Perhaps a bit controversial and cutting-edge, which is exactly the type of author I love to read. He is exactly the type of author the world has been waiting for.

After reading this book, I can say I am changed forever. I no longer see things the way I saw them before. My mind is open and the possibilities to my personal healing are unlimited. I am grateful for the gift that Christopher Loren is to the world, and for this tremendous book. Thank you, sir.

— Zushka

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